Status of the association "NAMASTÉ GUMDA"




"NAMASTE GUMDA" is a non-profit association governed by these Articles of Association and, in the alternative, by Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code. It is politically neutral and confessionally independent.


ARTICLE 2 Headquarters


The headquarters of the association is located in the Canton of Geneva at the following address

Namaste Gumda

C/o Alain & Nicole Pipoz

Rte de Céligny 58

1298 Céligny


Its duration is indefinite.




The association pursues the following goal(s):

Provide material and financial support to the inhabitants and infrastructure of the Nepalese region of Gumda in particular and other regions of Nepal in general.

Facilitating access to medical care

Help children to benefit from school resources or programmes

To work closely with other organizations, associations or NGOs pursuing the same goal in order to rapidly promote the creation of the necessary conditions for health, school and social promotion in this country.

In all cases, actions are carried out in consultation and with the active participation of local populations.


ARTICLE 4 Resources


The association's resources come from when necessary:


Gifts and legacies

Sponsorship of the event

Public and private subsidies

Dues paid by members

Any other resources authorized by law


The funds are used in accordance with the social purpose.


ARTICLE 5 Members


Individuals or legal entities who have demonstrated their commitment to the aims of the Association through their actions and commitments and who provide it with support in the form of financial, material or moral assistance may apply for membership.


The association is composed of:


A committee composed of a president, a treasurer, a secretary, one or more members

From members


Requests for admission are addressed to the Committee. The Committee shall admit new members and inform the General Assembly accordingly. Membership is lost:


By death

By written resignation addressed to the Committee at least six months before the end of the financial year

By exclusion pronounced by the Committee, for "just reasons", with a right of appeal to the General Assembly. The time limit for appeal is thirty days from the notification of the Committee's decision

Failure to pay contributions for more than one year.


In all cases, the annual membership fee remains due. Resigning or excluded members have no right to share in the company's assets.

The association's assets alone meet the commitments entered into on its behalf. Any personal liability of its members is excluded.


ARTICLE 6 Bodies


The organs of the association are:


The General Assembly

The Committee shall

The audit body of the accounts


ARTICLE 7 General Assembly (GA)


The General Assembly is the supreme power of the association. It is composed of all members.
It meets once a year in ordinary session. It may also meet in extraordinary session whenever necessary at the request of the Committee or 1/5th of the members. 
The General Assembly is validly constituted regardless of the number of members present. 
The Committee shall inform the members in writing of the date of the General Assembly at least 6 weeks in advance. The notice of meeting mentioning the agenda shall be sent by the Committee to each member at least 10 days in advance.


ARTICLE 8 Powers of the General Assembly


The General Assembly:


Decides on the admission or exclusion of members

Elects the members of the Committee and appoints at least a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer

Takes note of the reports and accounts for the financial year and votes on their approval

Approves the annual budget

Controls the activity of other organs that it may revoke for just cause

Appoint an auditor(s) to the accounts

Determines the amount of annual contributions

Decides on any amendment to the Articles of Association

Decides to dissolve the association


ARTICLE 9 Chairmanship of the GA


The General Assembly is chaired by the president of the association or, failing that, a member of the committee.


ARTICLE 10 Decisions of the GA


Decisions of the General Assembly are taken by a simple majority of the votes of the members present. In the event of a tie, the President's vote shall count double.


Decisions relating to the amendment of the statutes and the dissolution of the association can only be taken by a 2/3 majority of the members present.


ARTICLE 11 Voting


Votes shall be taken by a show of hands. At the request of at least five members, they shall be held by secret ballot.


ARTICLE 12 Agenda of the General Assembly


The agenda of the annual general meeting, known as the ordinary general meeting, necessarily includes


Approval of the minutes of the last General Assembly

The Committee's report on the activity of the association during the past period

Treasury and audit body reports

The setting of contributions

The adoption of the budget

Approval of reports and accounts

Election of the members of the Committee and the audit body

Individual proposals


ARTICLE 13 Composition of the Committee


The Committee shall consist of at least 3 members elected by the General Assembly. 

The term of office is 2 years, members are eligible for re-election

It meets as many times as the association's business requires.


ARTICLE 14 Indemnification of the Committee


The members of the Committee shall act on a voluntary basis and may only claim compensation for their actual expenses. Any attendance fees may not exceed those paid for official commissions. For activities that go beyond the usual scope of the function, each member of the committee may receive appropriate compensation.


ARTICLE 15 powers of the committee


The Committee is authorized to do all acts that are related to the purpose of the association. It has the broadest powers for the management of day-to-day business.


The Committee is responsible for


To take appropriate measures to achieve the goals set

To convene ordinary and extraordinary general meetings

To take decisions on the admission and resignation of members, as well as on their possible exclusion

To ensure the application of the statutes, to draft the regulations and to administer the assets of the association.

Represent the Association towards third parties.

To incur current expenses as part of the Association's purpose


Decisions of the Committee shall be taken by a majority of votes. In the event of a tie, the President shall have the casting vote.


ARTICLE 16 Commitment of the association


The association is validly bound by the individual signature of the president or treasurer


ARTICLE 17 Confidentiality


Members shall ensure that they do not disclose information of any kind that may affect the achievement of the Association's aims and projects. In particular, members undertake to keep confidential all information relating to the projects of other members of which they have become aware within the framework of the Association.


Members are subject to the duty of confidentiality.


ARTICLE 18 Fiscal year


The financial year begins on 1 January and ends on 31 December of each year.

The management of the accounts is entrusted to the treasurer of the association and audited each year by the auditor(s) appointed by the General Assembly.


ARTICLE 19 Dissolution


In the event of dissolution of the association, the available assets will be entirely allocated to an institution pursuing a public interest purpose similar to that of the association and benefiting from tax exemption. Under no circumstances may the property be returned to the physical founders or members, nor be used for their benefit in whole or in part and in any manner whatsoever.


These Articles of Association were adopted by the Constituent General Assembly of 30 June 2015 in Céligny

On behalf of the association:


President Alain Pipoz                                                

Secretary Danièle Zuercher




These articles of association were negotiated and validated at the general meeting of 20 March 2018

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