General terms and conditions

  • The course is not timed and does not include assistance, it is not a race but a hike.

  • At each stage, a member of the Namasté Gumda committee will be present and will accompany the group throughout the planned route.

  • If for any reason a member of the group is unable to reach the arrival, it is up to him/her to make the necessary arrangements to be repatriated. In no event shall Namasté Gumda be held liable for any costs or damages that may result from a participant's abandonment.

  • The steps mentioned in the "route" page are for information only and are subject to change.

  • The order of the routes is not fixed, it will be defined according to the weather conditions and snow conditions.

  • Hiking dates will be determined as they occur, usually one month before the event. They will be published on our website as well as on social networks with the time and place of meeting.

  • The route normally follows hiking trails, but can also follow more direct paths depending on the conditions.

  • The registration fee is free, everyone can give what they want, however our objective being to raise funds, we would appreciate it if each walker could pay a symbolic amount, for example CHF 1.00 per km travelled.

  • Payment of the registration can be made in advance on the Namasté Gumda CCP or at the start of the cached stage.

  • Except in extreme conditions, the stage takes place in any weather. In the event of non-participation, the hiker cannot request a refund of the registration fee.

  • If the step is cancelled, a new date will be scheduled. The registration remains valid.

  • Each participant is equipped according to the route (weather, plain, mountain).

  • Subsistence is the responsibility of the participant.

  • For stages over several days, accommodation reservations are the responsibility of Namasté Gumda, accommodation and meal expenses are the responsibility of the participant, payable in advance. A maximum of 10 participants is accepted. Please respect the registration deadline mentioned on the "steps" page. In case of cancellation, the refund is dependent on the host's cancellation time. Each participant must be completely autonomous, no logistics are provided.

  • Namasté Gumda declines all responsibility in the event of accident or illness during the hikes.

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