Pandemic Special Action COVID19 
Emergency food aid

CHF 25 to feed a family for 1 month


Because of the dramatic situation that the Nepalese people have been living in total confinement due to the COVID19 pandemic since March 24, the Namaste Gumda committee has decided to provide assistance to 2 villages on the outskirts of Kathmandu.
 Goldhunga & Nagarjun

After several weeks of various restrictions, including the closure of Mt-Everset and the ban on foreigners coming to Nepal for trekking, on March 24, 2020 the Nepalese government declared the "lockdown", or the total confinement of the population. Since that day, most Nepalese have no source of income. The luckiest are living on their savings, but many of them are totally destitute.

 Nepal's social conditions being far from those of Western countries, the people are currently experiencing a real tragedy, the state is doing what it can, mainly in the city of Kathmandu but outside the capital, families can only count on the help of NGOs to obtain the minimum subsistence level.

For this action, we are collaborating with the NGO "White Grain Foundation", which has been active in Nepal for several years in helping orphans and destitute children. Stéphanie, member of the Namaste Gumda committee (currently in Nepal) and the local representative of the Whitegrain Foundation will organize the purchase and distribution of food for the inhabitants, so that 75 families will be able to benefit from our help.

The aim is to provide each family with a basic food kit including rice, lentils, oil, salt and soya. A kit costs CHF 23 and is enough to feed a family of 5 to 6 people for 1 month. A further CHF 2.00 is added for transport and bank charges.

This cooperation will undoubtedly contribute to helping a population that is in a tragic situation.


Village of Goldhunga

Nos actions COVID19

13 mai 2020

Golhunga 55 familles

17 mai 2020

Swayambhu 60 familles

Collaboration avec

"White Grain Foundation"

22 mai 2020

Phuyalthok 42 familles

Collaboration avec

"Pangom Partage de vie"


27 mai 2020

Swayambhu 34 familles

Collaboration avec

"White Grain Foundation"

3 juin 2020

Yamgaon 70 familles

10 juin 2020

Chougaun 30 familles

13 juin 2020

Katmandou 70 familles

Organisé par

Namaste Gumda Nepal

17 juin 2020

Katmandou 61 familles

Récapitulatif des actions

  • 394 familles

  • 1669 personnes

  • CHF 10034.-

To support this action, you can donate the sum of CHF 25 per family you wish to help.

The amount paid includes transport and bank charges.


Please mention on your payment

"Food aid COVID19 "



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