Namasté Gumda is a Swiss non-profit association, recognized as a public utility. We are based in Switzerland in the canton of Geneva and more precisely in Céligny. Created in 2015 following the earthquake, we are carrying out reconstruction projects and providing essential support to this region, which has been severely affected

Our mission statement

Our aim is first and foremost to meet the needs of the local population of Nepal, in order to support the realization of infrastructural, educational and social projects. 

Many NGOs from many westernised countries are present in Nepal and their coordination is not easy. For this reason, we are establishing numerous contacts with them in order to avoid the risk of duplication as much as possible.

Although the political situation in Nepal is difficult and likely to change rapidly, it is important for us, when necessary, to obtain the acceptance and permission of the local authorities, because without their consent, our long-term action would be compromised.

In order to support us in these efforts, we can count on the help and commitment of our local partners who are fully aware of the needs and coordinate our activities on the ground.

Our objectives

Our aim is to improve the social and infrastructural life of the villages. To achieve this, we carry out projects related to family and public life, education and health. Each project we finance must meet criteria such as; usefulness, costs, deadlines, follow-up, to name only the main ones. They must also correspond to a real need and bring added value to the population and the community.

Requests from our local partners are analysed and validated by the association's committee. If they meet our criteria, the project process is then initiated.

Our values

Namasté Gumda is convinced that all human beings have the right to a minimum standard of living. We defend the principle of a distribution of the wealth of our world, the reduction of poverty, access to education and health.

It is of paramount importance for us to involve the beneficiary populations in the development process and in the implementation of our projects, because by involving them they will feel fully concerned. We want the men and women of the community to be responsible in most cases for the decision, management and evaluation of the projects we finance.


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